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HAPS (Hereford Amatuer Pantomime Society) was established back in 1982 from the remaining members of the Wiggins Panto Group. Unfortunately, due to facilities at Wiggin Alloys becoming unavailable the group disbanded and thus HAPS was created. For the past three decades, HAPS have successfully donated to the local charities of Herefordshire.


HAPS is an affiliate of NODA (The National Operatic and Dramatic Association). Through the NODA organisation, we have been able to achieve many awards and also reward our members for their long service commitments.

More information on NODA available at


Our annual February half-term productions are currently being performed at the Courtyard Theatre in Hereford. We encourage families to join us as there is always help needed off-stage aswell as on-stage. This includes: backstage, front of house, props, make-up, costumes and Chaperones for the junior chorus. Please note our minimum age for joining is 8 years old.

More information on how to join HAPS avaialbe here:


We are always grateful to recieve any help as each production depends heavily on the people kind enough to volunteer their time.

Patrons: Jonathan Clifton, Carleton Davies, Brenda Piears, Catrin Piears-Banton, Jeanette Saunders, Emma Scargill, Wayne Scargill, Joyce Shaw, Tony Shaw, Maurice Smith, Mike Smith, Muriel Smith, Brian Turner, Sue Turner.


Life Members: Tony Taylor, Mim Whiting