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Sleeping Beauty

18th - 21st February 2015

Production Team


Director: Hannah Denton

Choreographer: Harry Jones

Musical Director: Simon Allen


Cast in Order of Appearance:


Bounty - Ellen Jones

Wispa - Maia Carter/Alice Raven

Smartie - Lydia Denton

Oddjob - Jane Spink

Nurse Pinchme - Steve Raven

King Rumbletum - Ed Owen

Queen Gigglebelly - Sue Cope

Princess Beauty - Louisa Tobin

Olga Pong - Nicola Twigg

Gormless - Barrie Spink

Cuddles - Arun Gammage

Prince Handsome - Jaki Poole

Squint - Nadia Katona/Andrew Baker




Ladies and Gentlemen of the Chorus

Caitlin Archer, Nicola Archer, Anne Bailey, Andrew Baker, Marie Bridgewater, Val Edmunds, Polly Field, Wendy Forety, Louise Hickey, Sam Jones, Annie Katona, Melissa Loveridge, Dave Piears, Alice Raven, Hannah Shaw, Brittany Taylor-Jones, Mo Taylor.


Junior Chorus

Mhia Evans, Lily Jones, Lara Katona, Sophia Katona, Katie Shaw, Elle Wood.