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Dick Whittington

9th-16th February 2002

Production Team:


Director - Dawn Taylor

Musical Director - Ian Strangward

Choreographer - Trudy Taylor


Cast in Order of Appearance:


King Rat - Mike Smith

Fairy 1 & The Mermaid - Stephanie Ellis

Fairy 2 - Geoff Pratt

Hyssop - Tina Virgo

Dick Whittington - Val Edmunds

Tom, the Cat - Muriel Smith

Mark - Pete Taylor

Spencer - Clare Alexander

Alderman Fitzwarren - Dave Riley

Alice Fitzwarren - Katie Smith

Simon - Patrick Taylor

Cissy Souffle - Dave Piears

Captain Coracle - Steve Dyer

King or Siam - Chris Stacey

Chancellor - Nicola Twigg

Kupateetee - Trudy Taylor


Other Roles:

Pearly Queen - Stephanie Ellis

Pearly King - Brian Archer

Tyson (Alley Cat) - Charlotte Virgo

Bruno (Alley Cat) - Nikki Ellis

Harry (Alley Cat) - Samantha Stokes

Queen Cat (Alley Cat) - Trudy Taylor

Frenchman - Chris Taylor

Limpet - Charlotte Robinson

The Demon - Steve Dyer

Swami - Samantha Beavan

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Chorus:

Marian Beavan, Samantha Burge, Andrea Dalton, Nikki Ellis, Stephanie Ellis, Anne Evans, Richard Feaver, Diane Gammond, Tanya Jones, Joanne Price, Joanne Riley, Marie Robinson, Steve Smith, Chris Taylor, Nicola Twigg, Boyd Walton, Amanda Wiles.


Junior Chorus:

Nicola Archer, Samantha Beavan, Ellen Jones, Abigail Meredith, Charlotte Robinson, Kim Thomas, Samantha Stokes, Laura Vickers, Sarah Vickers, Charlotte Virgo, Rebecca Ware.